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A Fake Identifying Id Real from your criminal record so employers or schools will never know you were charged with an underage drinking crime.

2.       Share Gif Find Eat amp; - Giphy Way Take Your Case to Trial: If you are ineligible for the class our attorneys or not afraid to protect your rights in court. While Howard and Todd served as Mecklenburg County Assistant District Attorneys they prosecuted thousands of fake ID violations and know how to try these cases in the courtroom if necessary.

3.       Share Gif Find Eat amp; - Giphy Way Allow You to Drive: If you are convicted of using a Fake ID under North Carolina G.S. 18B-302(e) your License will be suspended. Our Attorneys can get you a limited driving privilege to allow you to drive for work, school, household maintenance and medical purposes during the period of your suspension.

Although these charges seem trivial, if convicted, you face serious consequences. Our attorneys at Browning & Long, PLLC will thoroughly review your case and can help you avoid the potential serious consequences resulting from a conviction of a Fake ID related charge. 

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