Template Living Happy License South Fake - African Drivers

Template Living Happy License South Fake - African
Those Idchief.ph ($100/$150/$200 from China, price contingent upon group or individual rates) ones are ineffective near a college campus; out-of-state ones are particularly suspect to a bouncer's attention even though they scan and black light.

However, these tend to work better for young women than men because bouncers often don't care and just want your money/the business of men you attract anyway. I had 80% success rate with the China idchief ID from Pennsylvania.

I would say, depending on your age, it could be worth it to shell out a good amount of money to acquire a REAL drivers license of a person who looks like you. (Rule of thumb: $100 for every year you can get out of it). Enough money will compensate them for their time at the DMV pretending they lost their original license.

Make sure this person really looks like you, or you could get held on charges of identity theft, but it usually works out.

Also, bouncers cannot legally cut up or take away a legitimate license even if they suspect it is not yours so even if they do not guarantee you entrance, you'll get it back and can try it somewhere seedier.
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Tip: See if you can get an expired credit card of that person too just in case they want to double check.
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Template Living Happy License South Fake - African Drivers Template Living Happy License South Fake - African Drivers
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